AURELIUS TECHNOLOGIES BERHAD (202101005015 (1405314-D))


• On 13 May 2024, BCM successfully held a groundbreaking ceremony for P5 in Northern Technocity Sdn. Bhd. (“NTCSB”), located at KHTP.

• BCM has finalised the development plans for the construction of a new 243,977 sq. ft. integrated manufacturing plant (also known as “P5”) at New Land 1. This new facility is to be earmarked as out “New Automotive & IoT Hub”, targeting completion in December 2024.

• On 4 April 2024, BCM purchased a new 270,034 sq. ft. vacant industrial land (“New Land 2”) located at Kulim High-Tech Park (“KHTP”)- adjoining to New Land 1.


• ATech continue to onboard two new customers to manufacture IoT devices and video telematics respectively.

• ATech commenced to invest in the infrastructure to manufacture 5G technology and automotive components.

• On 13 September 2023, ATech successfully completed the installation and energisation of a 2.578 MWp rooftop solar photovoltaic (“Rooftop Solar”) at BCM.

• On 22 August 2023, ATech Group installed two electric vehicles (“EV”) charging stations at the parking area of BCM.

• On 22 August 2023, BCM celebrated its 30th Anniversary with its 1,300 employees and business associates under the themed: “30 x 30: Honouring Our Past & Empowering Our Future with Sustainable Growth”.

• On 10 May 2023, BCM purchased a new 301,874 sq. ft. vacant industrial land (“New Land 1”) located at KHTP.

• On 7 February 2023, the Company issued 35,818,000 new ordinary shares via private placement, and the ordinary shares were subsequently listed on the Main Market of Bursa Securities.

• In January 2023, ATech made an investment in backend automation and testing, to meet the requirements in IoT module manufacturing.

• ATech continued to invest in additional one SMT line.


• ATech grew its EMS business by onboarding four new customers, that specialises in developing sensors, data computing technology, motherboards, and IoT-related devices.

• On 26 April 2022, in conjunction with an Anti-Corruption Seminar conducted by the Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia, Kedah (SPRM Kedah), every staff with the ranking of section managers and above proudly signed a “Corruption Free Pledge”.

• On 28 March 2022, ATech completed the construction of its manufacturing plant expansion (also known as “P3”) and obtained the Certificate of Completion & Compliance.

• On 8 March 2022, ATech continues its commitment to work in partnership with its local community with the signing of the certificate of collaboration with Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah to kickstart an industrial internship programme.

• ATech continued to invest in additional three SMT lines.


• On 16 December 2021, ATech celebrated the listing of the 358,180,000 issued ordinary shares of the Company on the Main Market of Bursa Securities.

• ATech continued to transcend towards Industrial 4.0 with the installation of two SMT lines completed with four robotic backend automation and testing for multicomponent semiconductor modules.


• ATech continued to expand its EMS business in the power control segment by securing two new customers:
   • Customer from France - to manufacture a power module    used in marine and supercomputer applications with a    fast-tracked full-scale production in October 2020.
   • Customer from China - to manufacture power control    modules for DC-to-DC power supply.


• ATech broaden its portfolio of services when an electronics manufacturing services agreement for semiconductor components in the form of a multicomponent Integrated Circuit (“IC”) for Machine to Machine loT applications was secured. This marks a key milestone for ATech as its position in the value chain is strengthened by offering semiconductor components manufacturing services, while previously ATech focused on industrial electronics products manufacturing services.


• ATech expanded its manufacturing services into trains communication interface units that includes outboard assembly, testing, subassembly, and system calibration. This system allows products to integrate with other systems installed in train carriages to communicate and transmit information between the train and a remote central monitoring centre.


• ATech expanded its EMS offering for LED lighting product by securing its first purchase order for the LED tunnel lighting. In the same year, ATech also commenced manufacturing of its own designed LED lighting for installation in warehouses.

2000 - 2010

• Between 2005 and 2010, ATech expanded its product offering to include the following:
   • IoT wireless asset tracking devices for vehicle tracking    applications in 2007;
   • Printed Circuit Board Assembly (“PCBA”) of    instrumentation devices for the oil and gas industry in    2007 where we offered special engineering services    including high melting point and gold soldering as part of    the board assembly process;
   • PCBA of power control devices for lighting equipment in    2008 for a customer in the USA; and power control    devices for AC to DC power supply in 2009 for a customer    in Australia.

• Between 2000 and 2010, ATech increased its production capacity by investing in additional SMT lines.

• In 2005, ATech participated in the design of an industrial wireless communication device, in a joint-design development exercise with a customer.

• In 2003, ATech completed the construction of its factory expansion in Kulim Hi-Tech Park which increased production built-up area by an additional 89,638 sq. ft.

• In 2000, ATech moved from rented premises in Prai, Penang to the current production facility in Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah with a total built-up area of 106,156 sq. ft. with facilities comprised 7 SMT lines with 20 backend assembly lines.

• In 2000, ATech expanded its EMS business to produce power control electronic devices namely DC-DC converter modules.

1993 -1999

• Incorporation of ATech’s subsidiary, BCM on 20 August 1993, to facilitate the technology transfer agreement between Motorola Incorporated (“Motorola Inc”) and Comintel Sdn. Bhd. to jointly develop manufacturing capabilities for communication devices in Malaysia through BCM.

• In 1996, BCM expanded its portfolio of services by securing its first box-build supply contract for industrial communication devices. Box build assembly includes the sourcing and procurement of materials and components, board assembly, and carrying out mechanical box build assembly and testing of the finished product. This forms a key milestone in ATech’s expansion as an EMS provider.

• BCM commenced business as a provider of SMT and sub-assembly services for industrial communication devices with one manual assembly line specialising in functional testing of communication products at rented premises in Prai, Penang.